Logixity - The Secret Lies in Confinement

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Welcome to the world of Logixity!

Logixity is the most colourful and flexible game of escape in Budapest.

Suppose You have not heard about such a thing yet, the point in brief is we lock up a group of 2 to 6 persons in a room and they must get out within 60 minutes by carrying out exciting tasks demanding logic and dexterity.

We do not follow patterns, however, we will surprise You with numerous original ideas if You choose us.

Logixity breaks stereotypes and stimulates mood!

Come and put it to the test!

You can find us at the following address: Budapest, VIII. Üllői út 32.



Address: 1085 Budapest, Üllői út 32.

Facebook: facebook.com/logixity

E-mail: logixity@gmail.hu

Phone: +36 (30) 416-5787

Our favorite partner: www.escapefan.com